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Fly Control

Fly Control Greenville, North Carolina


D & D Pest Control Co. offers services for all types of flies, including: House Flies, Filth Flies, Lesser House Flies, Flesh Flies and Small Fruit or Vinegar Flies

Not only are flies a nuisance, but they also carry and spread disease, contaminating food. They pick up contaminants from spending time in dirty places like the fecal, garbage, decaying matter.  D & D Pest Control Co. attacks flies where they thrive and offers a variety of remedies for each type of fly infestation and can determine the right plan to eliminate flies in your establishment.

Fly Control Treatment Areas

FOR USE IN AND AROUND: Commercial, Residential, Industrial Buildings and Other Manmade Structures,
Garbage or Refuse Bins and Receptacles, or other areas flies may be a nuisance or health hazard. [Apartments;
Bakeries; Campgrounds; Carnivals; Circus; Concert Arenas; Condominiums; Confectionaries; County and State Fair
Facilities; Dairy Areas; Farm Houses; Day Care Facilities; Festival Grounds, Food Handling Establishments; Food
Processing Plants; Food Storage Areas; Food Vending Structures; Garages; Golf Courses; Grain Mills; Granaries;
Homes; Hospitals; Hotels; Housing and Containment Areas (i.e., Arenas, Barns, Cages, Hatcheries, Houses,
Hutches, Kennels, Parlors, Pens, Sheds, Shelters, Stables) for Animals (i.e., Avian, Bovine, Canine, Equine, Feline,
Hircine, Leporine, Murine, Porcine); Interiorscapes; LEED Buildings (as specified below); Libraries; Marinas; Meat,
Poultry & Egg Processing Facilities; Meat Packing Plants; Milk Rooms; Mobile Homes; Motor Homes; Motels;
Museums; Nursing Homes; Outdoor Living Areas; Pavilions; Porches; Research Facilities; Resorts; Restaurants;
Mobile Food Vendors; Parking Ramps; Poultry Facilities (including: Hatchery, Egg Packaging, Breeding Facilities);
Public Picnic Areas; Public Restrooms; Recreational Rest Areas; Residential Backyards; Schools; Supermarkets;
Tents or Temporary Shelters; Theme Parks; Terminals; Transportation Equipment (Buses, Barges, Boats, Ships,
Trailers, Trains, Trucks); Utilities; Warehouses; Waysides; Wildlife Refuge Areas; Zoos]